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Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko 2017- a white wine from Greece

Kir Yianni Assyrtiko start picture

I have previously written about the progress and retreat of Greek wines, but now I am tempted to write that they actually have taken possession of their legitimate place. The move of the wine troop is completed. Domains are taken. Greek wine should not be detected, the letter G should be an obvious stay for consumers on the swedish Systembolaget. There is no longer any reason for a trivial word exchange about the quality of Greek wine.

This week I had the privilege of meeting the Greek wine producer Kir-Yianni and its owner Stellios Boutaris. A captivating man with a range of charismatic wines in his luggage. In total we tested ten different wines, several of which are in Systembolaget's ordering range, while the main character of the evening, the white wine Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko 2017, is actually found in Systembolaget's regular range from today. Opa!

Assyrtiko wine
Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko 2017. (Photo: Markus Olsson)

In 236 stores you can now find this dry, fruity and crispy white wine next to the shelf for Greece. The outstretched aftertaste has elements of both minerals, citrus and green apples. Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko 2017 is a wine that fits perfectly with white fish, pasta dishes and light chicken dishes as well as white cheeses. The wine has No. 2338 and costs 99 kronor at Systembolaget.

Vinprovning Gondolen
Wines from Kir-Yianni. (Photo: Markus Olsson)

Förrätt Gondolen
The starter. (Photo: Markus Olsson)

Huvudrätt Gondolen
The main course. (Photo: Markus Olsson)

It makes me truly happy to enjoy Greek wines at home. High quality wines and far from the outdated mental picture of the lovely drink from the cradle of democracy.

Vinner från Kir Yianni
Wines from Kir-Yianni. (Photo: Markus Olsson)

The Kir-Yianni Wine House was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris, one of the leading figures in the Greek wine industry, when he left the family-run business as his grandfather founded in 1879. Today, Kir-Yianni is run by his son Stellios Boutaris with the clear philosophy: innovation, tradition and knowledge about the wine; from grape to final consumer.

Stellios Boutaris 1
Stellios Boutaris, the owner of Kir-Yianni. (Photo: Markus Olsson)

Kir-Yiann's goal is to produce wines that fit the taste of the modern consumer, which reflects the potential of Greek vineyards in combination with traditional grape varieties such as the red grape Xinomavro.

Kir-Yiannis property is located on the mainland of northern Greece in the Macedonia region, more specifically in Naoussa and with farms in Amyndeon. The area is characterized by a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers, which creates great conditions for wine growing.

Kir-Yianni is a wine producer to count on now and in the future, and are you curious about their wines and maybe even a visit to their vineyard, you can find further information on Kir-Yiannis website: (link)

This post is written based on my own choice to attend the event without counterclaim and contains my own comments.

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