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50 reasons to visit Greece eng ver

Have you not booked a trip for the summer yet? Or for the upcoming spring or for later this fall? Or maybe you are dreaming of a ski trip in the winter? Lean back and relax! There are 50 different reasons* why Greece shoud be your obvious choice. Everything from world heritages to paradise beaches, there are simply many reasons why you should visit Greece!

1 The Weather ver 2

The Weather

Who does not love sun safe Greece with nearly 300 days of sunshine a year and having such a pleasant climate for most of the year? During the summer the humidity is low, the sky is clear blue and it rarely rains. For us frozen northerners, a trip to Greece in early spring or late autumn is mumble for the soul as the days are hot and the clear blue water invites you to wonderfull swims. As early as April the daily average temperature can reach 20 degrees Celsius and a glorious 25 degrees Celsiuscan can be reached in October.

2 The Islands

The Islands

Nearly 6 000 islands and islets form together with the mainland Europe's longest sea border, giving us visitors a variety of opportunities to enrich our stay in Greece . Of thousands of islands there are 227 who are inhabited, all of them with typical and unic features. Each island has its own history and self esteem and its inhabitants are truly happy to show you what the island has to offer. In other words, creating a varied Greek trip is absolutely no problem!

3 The Mainland

The Greek mainland offers paradise like coastlines, fabulous mountains, fertile plains, a fabulous history and a staggering present. Large parts of the mainland are just waiting to get the same deserved attention as many of the islands.

4 The Mountains

The Mountains

Mountains, mountains and more mountains. In every direction you see a stately mountain rising and the mountain of all mountains Mount Olympus, the dwelling of God, watches over the humanity in the Macedonia region. "The mountain is calling" has a kind of spellbinding significance in Greece and for all of us who love mountains will not get disappointed. A more beautiful scenery is hard to get.

5 The Hiking

The whole of Greece is full of hiking trails, old donkey paths and trampled trade routes. Both on the mainland and on the islands. Greece is a gratifying country to hike in and it is easy to get hold of hiking maps that show the trails. Just lace up the hiking boots and venture out on historic walks in all directions.

6 The Beaches

The Beaches

Sandy beaches, pebble beaches, rocky beaches and everything Mother Nature has to offer you can find in Greece. Some of the world's most beautiful and unique beaches are found here and most of the beaches are under the Blue Flag which among other things guarantees clean water and environmental considerations. It's easy to fall in love with all the enchanting beautiful beaches Greece has to offer!

7 A Day In May

A trip to Greece in May offers summer warmth, beautiful swims and a nature in full blossom. In other words, a really enjoyable time to experience Greece. The tourist season has just begun but at this time you can have a beautiful sandy beach all by yourself.

8 A Day In September

A trip to Greece in September offers a wonderful extension of the short summer we have up in the north. Comfortable temperatures, both on land and in sea, stretch the summer limits. High season pressure on the country is over and it is starting to get more quiet. It is a really enjoyable time!

9 A 365 day destination

Most of us travel to Greece in the summer but the country really has something to offer all year round. Summer, autumn, winter or spring does not matter, but the different seasons offer different activities. Cultural experiences, swimming, sun, physical activity or culinary experiences can be enjoyed in different ways during different time of the year.

10 The beer

The Beer

Greece is not only offering classic beers such as Mythos, Alfa and Fix but Greece also serve one unique variety of beer after another from a large number of microbreweries who flourish all over Greece. Greece is the perfect country for a delicious beer tasting!

11 The Wine

Greece is starting to regain the epithelial of wine country. During ancient times, Greece was the main wine country and from that time to the present high-quality wines are produced in areas from Macedonia and even down to Crete.

Athens Wine Week is just one of the activities that showcase the return of high class wine. Another initiative is Attica-Wine and Food Experience which works hard to put Greece back on the wine map. Next time you are in Greece, be sure to enjoy a local wine!

12 The ouzo

The Ouzo

Ouzo and Greece are all together, but the opinion of this precious drink may differ among Greek lovers. Some love it while others don't. Ouzo is not always the same as Ouzo so be sure to try the beverage in different distilleries. My favorite ouzo is produced at Athens oldest distillery, Brettos in the Plaka area, a bar that not only serves fantastic Ouzo but also organizes wine tastings and serves enjoyable charcuterie and cheese platters.

13 The People

The Greek people! Countless are the times when I have met wonderful hospitable Greeks who do everything to welcome you and help you. Whatever the house has to offer, the generosity is incredibly great and there is a basic love and pride in being generous. A trip to Greece largely consists of the actual encounter with Greeks and their attitude towards us visitors.

14 The View

The View

The views in Greece are endless in both quantity and sight. Enjoying the surroundings gives the soul an energy fulfillment that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. High mountains, deep valleys and flat plains give you panoramic views to feed your inner being with.

15 The Food

The Food

Clean and local food makes Greek cuisine a formidable culinary experience. Timeless dishes such as Moussaka, Souvlaki, Gyros, Stifado and Kleftiko are an unassuming part of the classic Greek cuisine, but even the modern and more experimental cuisine is growing. In Greece there is wonderful food in every street corner and village streets, flavors that satisfy both young and old, fastidious as pleased.

16 The Villages

The Villages

On each island and on the Greek mainland there are ancient, genuine villages where residents take care of each other life out. Uncontrolled settlements with winding alleys create a dreamlike community with rich history. It is certainly a pleasure to walk in the alleys, find a local tavern and enjoy local specialties.

17 The Cities

The cities of Greece vibrates of life and activity and you will find everything between heaven and earth. The urban life of Greece is both tough and loving, modern and ancient. Almost half of Greece's population lives in the country's two largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, where you will find everything from countless attractions, great shopping and unique food and beverage culture.

18 The World Heritages

The Acropolis World Heritage Athens

Greece has eighteen world heritage sites which actually speaks for itself! Visiting Meteora or Delphi is just a tantalizing thought and overwhelming experience. Why not make a world heritage trip to visit the cultural and geographical world heritage sites Greece has to offer?

19 The Ancient remains

In addition to the seventeen world heritage sites there are crammed of archaeological sites and ancient remains. You can actually feel the story in a way that can rarely be done elsewhere. One of the most beautiful temples, Afea on the Aegina, is just an example of a magnificent remains from a bygone era. Imagine walking in the same places as fellow people did long before Christ's birth!

20 The Flowers

The Flowers

The Mediterranean climate benefits plants that you rarely see in wild conditions at home or at least in a natural environment. Pruning Bougainvillea, fig tree, citrus and Nerium give us that exotic feeling that is hard to feel anywhere else. Visit a botanical garden and experience an artifact of rare nature and in an environment far from home.

21 the Sunsets

The Sunsets

The sunsets in Greece are something out of the ordinary; magical, enchanting, captivating, beautiful, lovely and magnificent. Wherever you are in Greece you can enjoy a sunset who also frame the amazing scenario you have in front of you.

22 The Sunsets

The Sunrises

As many magical, enchanting, captivating, beautiful, lovely and magnificent sunsets there are, there are as many sunriseses. Even if you're morningtired, I can promise you that it's worth defying the sleeping laws to enjoy the scenery as the star extend across the horizon.

23 The Coffee

The Coffee

There is a reason why you usually see a Greek with a coffee in his hand; Greek coffee, frappé, espresso, cappuccino or freddoccino. The Greeks know their coffee and to enjoy a coffee in Greece is a pleasant ritual. What would a trip to Greece be without a frappé? I can assure you that it tastes extra good in the environment that this beautiful country has to offers.

24 The Music

The Greek music has a pleasant ability to express feelings, even for those who can not speak the language. Beautiful, passionate, melancholy and full of history. Who does not love a dinner under the stars accompanied by bouzouki?

25 The Sea

The azure Mediterranean Sea that surrounds Greece's islands and coast enchant us as few things. All shades of blue give us an experience that is hard to follow and be sure to top the Greece trip with a number of swims in the magic blue. Whether you are using the sea for transportation, exercise, recreation or pleasure, it never ceases to fascinate.

26 The Olives

The Olive Groves

The oldest olive tree in the world grows on Crete and is 3000 years old, mythically spun and legendary. During all these years it has provided us with amazing olives and olive oil. Enjoying this in Greece is a favor and is a must during your stay in Greece.

27 The Architecture

Even the ancient Greeks knew how to design a building. So even the new ones. No other country has such a mix of styles, shapes and expressions. It is fascinating to walk aorund in the various districts of a city and see the mix of differences and distinctions.

28 The Street Art

The Street Art
Street Art in Athens. (Photo by: Markus Olsson)

Few expressions are as strong as the true street art, and Greece's bubbling capital of Athens is full of it. The whole city is actually an exhibition of contemporary street art. See, experience and feel.

29 The Cheese

The Cheese
Graviera. (Photo by: Markus Olsson)

Halloumi, feta cheese and Graviera are just some of the cheeses produced by the tender sheep and goat milk. Be sure to enjoy a cheese tray, cheese dishes or just as a side dish when you are in Greece. Enjoying the local food is a stronger experience than the imported varieties at home. I promise!

30 The Spices

Many of the spices that we usually use in our cooking grow in Greece and are harvested in their wild state. The Mediterranean climate exposes them to the weather and provokes amazing flavors from the plants. Shopping spices in a local market is certainly a pleasure for both mind and taste.

31 The Craftmanship

The Craftmanship

Wherever you turn, you can find genuine Greek craftsmanship; ceramics, leather, wood or textile. You can buy everything and it keeps good quality. Numerous are the ceramic goods that I have dragged with me home from Greece. Being able to enjoy my morning coffee from a cup from Pottery Limpertas Manolis on Naxos gives the golden drink an extra gold edge.

32 The possibility of budget travel

Although the price difference is not particularly noticeable compared with back home, Greece is a country where you can still reduce travel expenses. Fold off the tourist strip, travel out of season or travel to villages where charter tourism has not yet reached. It is possible to enjoy this amazing country without a burning wallet.

33 It is safe

Greece is a safe country to live in. Crime is usually lower than in many other European countries and it is rare that something seriously happens. Extremely helpful people are also something you can lean on. 

34 The Mastiha

The Mastiha only grows in some unique places in the world and the island of Chios is one of the few places where the bush is thriving. Mastiha is used both in cooking, in medicine and in skin care products thanks to its good qualities. Have you tried the liqueur with Mastiha? A liqueur made of superfood can only mean good, right?

35 The Night Life

The Night Life

Greeks know how to party and it is clear in the nightspots and in the bars. Some of the world's best bars are located in Athens according to the list "The World's 50 Best Bars". That kind of says it, right?

36 The Capital

The Capital

Few capitals have such a clear history and such a clear connection to the east and the west. Life boils in the quay of Athens, one of Europe's most interesting capital cities. Here antiquity is constantly reminded while modern times are existing right next door. Here life can be hard and life can be wonderful. Here is something for everyone and why not combine all sight seeing with cool swims along the Athens Riviera?

The Capital Athens Riviera

37 The Location in Europe

For us who live in Europe, Greece is easily accessible and is no more than a few hours away. In an hour, you will also reach other countries like Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Italy. You do not have to travel over half the globe to find paradise ... if you do not live on the other side of the globe ofcourse.

38 the Revisit

Greece is a wonderful country to revisit. Every time you come to Greece, you discover something new at the same time as you get the opportunity to relive the things that made you fall in love in Greece for the first time. The variation is simply endless with all the islands and the mainland.

39 The Contrasts

The Contrasts

Greece is the country of constrasts. Here you can experience the intense car traffic in Athens while driving is banned on the island of Hydra. Here you will meet antiquity and here you will meet 2018. Old, really old, meets new and at the same time you are in the middle of all this. The thoughts set no limits to how it might have been. The thought is playful and energetic. Here you will meet traditions and here you will meet new thoughts. Here you will encounter prodigious vegetation and here you will encounter barren landscapes. Here you will meet hard winter and here you will meet hot summer days. In other words, a country to never get tired of.

40 The Hot Springs

Did you know that there are over 70 thermal springs all over Greece? This means that you could enjoy the heat and healing forces in at least 70 places and if you make three dips in each spring it means 210 enjoyable occasions. Several of the thermal springs have plants with pools filled with the warm and mineral rich water. The different springs have different healing purposes for example skin disorders, remautism or neurological problems.

41 The Snorkeling

Mediterranean waters around Greece offer great opportunities for diving and snorkeling. The view is clear and long and for the one with diving certificates "The Great Wall" on the island of Chios is just a must.

42 The Windsurfing The Kitesurfing

The Windsurfing

There are several beaches in Greece where windsurfing and kitesurfing is a natural element; Mikri Vigla on Naxos and Kremasti in Rhodes are just a few examples. If you like a board, airborne adventures and a wonderful experience, just simply go to Greece!

43 Easy connections within

It is easy to travel within Greece; ferry, catamaran, bus, train or flight. You can easily get where you want to and often at an affordable cost. Unlike at home, you just have to stand along the road and wave at a bus to get a ride instead of looking for a bus stop. As easy as that.

44 Beeing in the present

Being in the present

When I am in Greece I have been told that I should live in the present and that I should enjoy the place where I am and not hurrying on to the next. There is a relief of being able to enjoy here and now, embracing the moment without stress and just simply live. We can all learn from the Greek mentality of being in the present and not hurrying elsewhere.

45 Blue Zones

Blue Zones

The island of Ikaria is a so-called blue zone where residents live longer than on most other places in the world. You sure want to find out why, don't you? Ikaria is an island with a kind of untouched environment and with clean and nutritious food that takes the courses to another level. What makes the age so high? Go there and find out!

46 Olympic Games

It was in Greece it all started once. The idea of that they all traveled to Olympia for the Olympic Games in ancient times is staggering. And are you not curious to see the place where it all started and where the Olympic fire still is lit for every Olympiad?

47 The Sailing

The Sailing

Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea is a dream for many and being able to land to so many places (one of all Greek islands or the mainland) are few countries extinct. There are both natural ports and constructed. You choose.

48 The Myths

Few countries have so many myths and legends about their existence and history. To experience the country where Aphrodite rose from the sea or where Athena, wisdom and science goddess, is housed is a true favor.

49 The Easter Celebration

Easter celebration in Greece is something out of the ordinary. The Greeks take their religion seriously and with that comes an Easter celebration that strikes most celebrations around the world. If you ever go to Greece outside the season, then it's Easter. Easter is simply the year's biggest feast in Greece.

50 The Skiing

Sun and beaches in all honor but did you know there are several skiing systems in northern Greece and on Crete? For example, who would not like to stand on top of a ski slope while looking out at the Aegean? In other words, Greece is also suitable for a holiday on skis.

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